35 years of my life in numbers

“You gotta grab 35 by the balls and say Hey World I’m 35!”

Samantha Jones – Sex And The City


Tomorrow I will be 35 years old and although I still feel relatively young and know anyone reading this article older than 35 may consider that to be the case I can’t shake the feeling that I am getting older. I smile and I see deeper lines around my eyes and although I never want to stop smiling I’m not so sure I am ready to adapt to the laughter lines yet. My body is fighting me as we spa around the boxing ring of life tentatively fighting over food and fitness, body image and peace of mind. People constantly refer to my biological clock and in the last two years as that has gone forwards my life has somewhat gone backwards, but it got me to thinking, what would my life add up to in numbers if I sat and thought about it. This birthday should be both a celebration of events and a performance review of my life so far and here it is…


Birthdays – 35

Serious Relationships – 2

Marriages – 1

Divorces – 1

Children – 0

Careers – 9

Diets – probably about 20

Countries visited – 12

Nights out with the girls – approx 254

lottery Wins – 9 (largest 5 numbers)

Cars Owned – 5

Stress related illnesses – 1

Stays in hospital – 3

Flights taken – 92

Fears challenged – 2

Film Premieres attended – 1

Therapists seen – 1

Life changing moments – 5

God children accumulated – 3

Bridesmaid duties – 3

Bucket List items ticked off – 30

Hours of sleep lost worrying about things I can’t change…… a lot…….

which gets me to thinking as I write this article at 5am a day before my birthday on another of those nights/mornings where my mind refuses to shut up what advice would I give to my younger self ? If I was to write her a letter what would I tell her? What would you tell yourself if you could address your 15, 20,25 year old self?

So with that in mind as I sit here on the brink of this looming birthday I write to myself, here and now because we don’t have yesterday and at the moment although I have plans for tomorrow I don’t have tomorrow, just today the present and my present to myself is reflection, a celebration of my life and it’s numbers, the very numbers that make up my life, add up to a series of significant and insignificant events a few of which have left me carrying baggage, who hasn’t accumulated some baggage by 35? Some of it I have tossed off canyons out of aeroplanes but some baggage turns up on the carousel even when you already said goodbye to it. I have decided I think it is time I left this unsightly unattractive heavy baggage at the station to my next destination, wherever that may be.

All aboard!

Happy Birthday me.













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