The benefits of massage (in my opinion)

” Touch was never meant to be a luxury. It is a basic human need. it is an action that validates life and gives hope to both the receiver and the giver”

If you follow my blog you will see that this week I had a full on meltdown – cue sitting at the beach in the car, in the rain at sunset having a cry and a serious word with one’s self and a rant on my blog – ” Tears, Tantrums and Time out”

So as part of my talking to myself, being rational and coming up with a way to pull myself together and of of this emotional hole or peel myself from the brick wall I have hit I decided that every day I need 1 hour – that’s not home – not work – but my time. Time to sit in a  coffee shop and write, read, people watch, time to work out, or time for relaxation. I then got to thinking how beneficial I have found massage in the past through various stressful periods in my life – one which resulted in me being bald at 21 – cue previous blog post The Alopecia years.

It just so happened that a Thai Massage Spa had opened across the road from where I work and like a sign it shone out to me so I went in post meltdown day, got a price list, went back booked and paid a deposit and today was the day. 1 hour – me time – Thai Massage

Now let me make this very clear

Thai Massage – is not for the faint hearted…

I have had numerous massages over the years, some good some not so good, some oily, some not, some naked ( strangest massage ever in Ibiza) and some fully clothed. So I feel I am qualified to review the benefits of such an experience.

For one its proven that human touch calms and nourishes, reduces anxiety and depression and is extremely beneficial to the soul and mind – being a singleton I don’t get much in the way of touch and cuddles and for a tactile person thats tough and so as well as the actual muscle manipulation I also find massage somewhat comforting – just to have another human being touch me. I’m no pervert, or at all relating this to anything sexually so let’s make that very clear but think about this…When did you go a week without a kiss a hug, a handshake, a pat on the back some attention from the cat or the dog?

I do and I have come to realise that it is an emotional problem for me..


So after work sat in an office by myself all day with my computer I literally cold not wait to get to my massage appointment. I entered the Spa and met Annie – wonderful Annie – A 25 looking 42 year old Thai lady with a huge smile and the strength of an Ox again I will make this clear  – If you like a tender tickle aromatherapy massage – this is NOT for you. If you are in any way uncomfortable with your body being moved around, legs put in all sorts of angles and your boob occasionally being exposed then forget this type of massage. However…. If you want to forget you have arms, legs, feet and see what your body is really capable of – then go and try it.

Post Massage – I literally felt my body flop.

The first thing Annie said to me is you want me to walk on you? I didn’t know did I? I cant say I have ever been asked that before but I willingly obliged thinking she is the therapist and she knows best. She then asked me if I would like Tiger Balm – again I have no idea so I leave it to her.

For over an hour ( I only paid for an hour) this tiny Hercules of a woman cracked my hole body – fingers, toes, neck, back, she pulled and stretched my limbs, manipulated my muscles and at the very end used some kind of move/technique to stretch out my back backwards that I literally fell forwards into some kind of flop which she thought was wonderful and then used my body in its floppy position to end the massage.

At times is was incredibly painful, that said I have had sports massage and felt the pain only to feel intense relief afterwards so my faith in Annie was second to none. It was brutal, pleasurably painful, and yet still so very relaxing.

I walked out of the door and a man who crossed my path said to me you smell amazing – the smell was nothing to how I felt – I literally felt like I was floating. I walked lighter, slower, I drove slower, I thought less, and my whole world literally slowed down for hours afterwards. This has once more reiterated to me my need for some stress release and we all find that in different ways – for me it is definitely massage and if you are struggling to find your wind down – try it, I can highly recommend it.







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