Soul Satisfying Connections


Have you ever found a soul satisfying connection?

I posted the question earlier in the year on this very blog -what is love?  I questioned in that blog post how love could be interpreted and shown in different ways, I also question how powerful it is when it takes a hold of you and if it is really about Love or its something deeper – a soul satisfying connection, that could be confused with Love – recognising yourself in another person – that type of soul satisfying meeting is incredibly powerful –

I didn’t know quite how powerful until recently.

I have forever wondered about the feeling of being in love – and by that I mean really being in love – love at first sight – that all consuming I could not be without you kind of love, the where have you been all my life love, the love of Romeo and Juliet, the love that has been written about and demonstrated in the spoken word for hundreds of years, and I came to realise I haven’t experienced that ever.

Instant chemistry, connection and a meeting of souls that in an instant recognise each other

I know I have never experienced this because it came along and paid me a visit last weekend – a meeting, my soul recognising itself in another human being.


25 Adorable - Flirty - Romantic - Sexy #Love #Quotes and PostersI have been thinking about25 Adorable - Flirty - Romantic - Sexy #Love #Quotes and Posters the words I would use to describe this feeling




Soul recognising



This feeling is how I have always imagined it would feel but is so much more wonderful – The Notebook –  a film I refer to for my hedonistic, idealistic ideas of love –  a love that could last a lifetime, a love that is still there when the looks fade and the body changes because its truly about a connection –  a feeling that takes no effort at all, a feeling that I can’t quite comprehend – the feelings that have caused our species to write about “Love at First sight” “Soul mates” “The one” “when you know you know”

The love when you meet a person in a chance situation in your purest and rawest form and engage in the most energised, animated and interesting conversations with an eye contact that is so intense the other person can see right into your naked soul. At this point you don’t know what this is but its truly addictive and somehow beautifully suffocating.

Then there is the eye contact …..


An eye contact like I have never ever known. When the conversation stops for a brief moment it continues in an unspoken  way – that makes me catch my breath and remind me to breathe – it reminded me of a quote I read once

“Life is not measured by the moments that take our breath away but the moments we are reminded to breathe..

This love – it has turned me into a daydreaming hopeless mess, lost in song lyrics and poetry coming from a part of my brain that has been waiting for this moment of recognition that this is it right here, this is what people talk about – and I genuinely believe only a handful of people are lucky enough to find.

The terrifying part…

“and most of all I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you”

Winded, bowled over, struck by some sort of internal and external force that feels so wonderful, so real, so natural  – but what if it’s gone as quickly as it came?

How will I cope without it, what if I don’t see him again? What if I never find this feeling with anyone else – I don’t want anyone else, I want this and I want him – how can I not?

It would be a truly sad and yet at the same time ironic thing to have lived a life and felt this love for however long or short – feeling i’m lucky enough to have felt it, truly felt it, experienced it and understand it, and because of its sheer power I remain grateful that it came to me and if i’m not lucky enough to be able to keep it I felt it – it happened – it really does exist.

What are your stories and experiences of love at first sight, finding that feeling and that connection? – please share.



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