Broken hearts Breakups and b******t


Break ups are heartbreaking the term “Break up” means that something or someone is broken or some thing or some one is about to feel that breaking on some level physically emotionally, mentally.

I can vouch for this. I can also confess to being the one who causes the heart break to myself in allowing it to happen to someone else – we broke up – I broke him – I am broken. My heart breaks a little at every day things at times I guess I’m sensitive too in that respect much preferring to make peoples eyes and hearts smile.

I am not some serial breaker upper – I am a crowd pleaser I love to make people happy, create beautiful moments with people, and moreover have in the past been more concerned with their happiness than my own.  I believe in Love and the idea of it and consequently- I fall, fast and hard and if I fail – I fall faster and harder.

I don’t like to break things or people, can we get through life without being a little bit broken or breaking someone else whether we intend to or not? Do we need to feel heartbreak to appreciate what it feels to be complete, whole loved, and content?

It’s said if we don’t feel sadness we cannot appreciate the feelings of happiness, if we don’t feel the darkness we can never truly see the light.

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