Powerful Words

Words…Powerful Words


I sit here and I type them – words – they roll along the page as as they transfer from my thoughts into my fingers and onto this screen.

Words have the power to heal, to inspire and motivate. Words can be soothing, encouraging, nourishing, and comforting. I love words, I love how they can make me feel, how they provoke my thoughts, tantalise my intellect, how I want to be lost in them and the meaning and intention they are sent to me with, and yet…

Words can also cut like a knife, they can be soul destroying, toxic, insulting and hurtful.

imagesPowerful on both levels

Without thoughts of the consequences that my come from the words being spoken or written to the person they are directed at, every action has an equal and opposite reaction – word exchanges can work on this principle too.

“It’s amazing how words can do that, just shred your insides apart”

“The tongue has no bones but it is strong enough to break a heart”

So why do some people use them so flippantly?

I was told this week that people say mean things when they are hurt and upset, everyone does……

I don’t

Perhaps thats because I have been on the receiving end of hurtful words from someone who should never say hurtful things to me – my impossible mother. I love her and many times she has said beautiful words to me and yet the ones that hurt I never forget those words, they stay with me and that have made my sensitivity to  hurtful words like a windscreen with a hairline fracture and if a tiny stone hits that hairline fracture the whole panel of glass will shatter into a million pieces and it cant be put back together.

Once you have said something with the power to wound someone it is impossible to unsay it. I am now very intolerant of spiteful or malicious words, unthoughtful words, unnecessary words – I find it hard to accept them in any situation, temper, upset, stress, and I would never ever retaliate with words that can wound, for I know the scars that they leave.

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A teacher I know uses this analogy in speaking to teenage girls who are saying spiteful and mean things to each other.

” If I take this piece of perfectly flat paper all smooth and I screw it up into a ball it changes. If I unscrew the ball and ask you to make the piece of paper flat again without any creases in it you will find that you can’t. No matter how hard you try you can not put it back the way to was, the creases even if you iron them are still there. It is the same piece of paper but it will never be quite the same again.”

I love this analogy.

I wish people would be more careful with words, because in the right context they have such power, they create beautiful poems, stories and memories, they can move us to tears of joy, they can raise a smile – you can see people reading texts on the train or in a store – everywhere seemingly now and they are smiling, and you smile at them because you know someone has sent them something funny or beautiful and they are absorbing that very moment, present and consumed by someone’s words.

Shakespeare, Dickens, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and in the modern day a personal love of mine Tyler-Knott-Gregson. These writers are all proof of the power behind words, the raw emotion, the artistic articulation, written or spoken and for years we have loved them re read them, tried to understand them, we have been moved by them, inspired by them,

When I think if you my heart falls like an autumn leaf

Spending time with you always makes me feel more balanced, calm and at peace – thank you

I love you so much, there aren’t enough words

Hasta ie proximo Mi amour

A poem or a thoughtful line written to you by someone special, a message in a card, in a bottle, on a text, or a handwritten letter sent in the post –  whichever way the words come to you or whichever way you send them,  remember once they have been heard or read they are

forever written,





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