What is “Happiness?”

Are you Happy? Are the people around you family, colleagues, friends - your partner, are they happy? Have you asked them or yourself? I recently saw a film that inspired me to write a post on happiness. There were some interesting quotes I felt compelled to write down and share. Happiness is feeling completely alive... Continue Reading →

Wild Horses

Have you¬†ever wandered right outside the box that restrains your thoughts? To a spiritual place to find out more about yourself?¬†Around this time last year - I had an epiphany. A light bulb moment, a realisation that came from somewhere deep - spiritual almost. I was sat pondering the question - who I am I?... Continue Reading →

Debt does NOT define you

Debt Horrible isn't it ? It isn't a word anyone likes to have, feel, hear or belong to. I have it, I have felt it and I belonged to it for a significant amount of time - and now it belongs to me... Me and many others - Millennials perhaps more than any other group... Continue Reading →

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