Wild Horses

Have you ever wandered right outside the box that restrains your thoughts? To a spiritual place to find out more about yourself? Around this time last year – I had an epiphany. A light bulb moment, a realisation that came from somewhere deep – spiritual almost. I was sat pondering the question – who I am I?

Not the clothes I choose to wear, the way I style my hair, the experience that male me the person I have become but inside – my soul, my spirit and I was trying to place myself in the spirit of something that resonated with me when it it came to me – I am a wild horse.


My spirit – the soul that lives inside of me is likened to a wild horse. I have this distinct need and desire often to run into an open space – or down a beach and feel the wind in my hair – buck, rear, gallop until I run completely out of steam, fly and be free.

until there comes a time when at some point I feel I need someone to come out to me – walk towards me and lead me home,  To be nurtured, loved and feel secure – but knowing that soon enough I will have the desire to gallop into the wind again. This is me home.


I then got to thinking what do I do with that how is this relevant well perhaps I need one of two things – another spirit that is happy to let me run and collect me when I need it and be loving and nurturing and receive that wholeheartedly in return, or I need to find another wild horse.My mum is a spiritual lady with a huge talent – she analysed my thoughts and said

“maybe you need a foal” – lol

Who knows, one thing I do know that this strong, beautiful, powerful, flighty spirit lives within me and recognising it is somehow soul satisfying.



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