Are you Happy? Are the people around you family, colleagues, friends – your partner, are they happy? Have you asked them or yourself?

I recently saw a film that inspired me to write a post on happiness. There were some interesting quotes I felt compelled to write down and share.


Happiness is feeling completely alive

This particular quote comes after a scene in the film where the subject has a near death experience. On realising he is alive he is overcome with happiness – why do we forget to feel this everyday – that every day we can allow ourselves to feel happy one because we are alive and two because we are able to feel “completely alive”. Do something today/tomorrow, that makes you feel completely alive and feel the happiness.

Happiness is being loved for who you are

Isn’t this the truth? – self expression and being free to be who you are and be loved for that. Many people still quieten themselves down to fit into certain situations or if your like me you can be a chameleon and adapt – but who are you really and truthfully? Do you express that fully and are you in return loved for that?

Avoiding unhappiness is not the road to happiness

I have been particularly guilty of this one – running away to avoid unhappiness. Ignoring the bigger problem the thing that’s making you unhappy – at some point you have to stand up and face it, feel it – own it because how ever many roads you go down inevitable you will end up back on the same one.

Happiness is answering your calling

Do you do something in life that you are proud of? – Do you volunteer in something that brings you a fulfilment that money could not? Is being a parent your calling? What was your life work destined to be? This quote raises lots of thought provoking questions to me, have a think about it.

Fear is an impediment to happiness

Fear. It’s a powerful feeling – it is just a feeling – and we must remember that, never the less being fearful can most definitely impede your route to happiness. Much of the time we are scared of life – scared to make a change, take a risk, push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. I know I have been in a place where I have been unhappy because I have been scared to change or find another way to change what is fundamentally making me unhappy.

FEAR –   eel  – mbrace  – ction  – eclaim your happiness

We should concern ourselves not so much with he pursuit of happiness

but the happiness of the pursuit

I love this final quote – Life is a blessing – every single day.

Life is not about the destination but the journey. To feel and truly appreciate happiness we need to have felt sadness and unhappiness – and that’s ok.

So take the time today to assess your levels of happiness and consider those around you, Happiness is also a feeling – and one that we are fully in the capability of feeling.